TTC Bloor-Yonge

Informative video for the TTC Bloor-Yonge expansion project.

Video Editing, Motion Graphics
July 2022–March 2023
Graphic, Motion Designer & Video Editor @ AECOM
A full-length informative video and a 20-second promo snippet.
The Toronto Transit Commission's (TTC) Bloor-Yonge Station Capacity Improvements is an undergoing project to expand the station to accommodate an increase in ridership and provide a more comfortable transit experience for Torontonians. Under AECOM, I had the opportunity to work with our Communications and Technical team to compose a 5-minute informative video along with a 20-second social media promo snippet, both of which are published on the TTC's official YouTube channel and Facebook page, respectively.
The video features 3D renderings done by our in-house 3D Visualization Specialist Tanner Johnson, live footage shots provided by the TTC as well as 2D illustrations designed from technical diagrams provided by the engineering team.
Watch the promo on Facebook here.
DISCLAIMER: 3D walkthroughs are artist's impression; design subject to change. All footage shown in the video are properties of the TTC; all technical drawings, diagrams & other non-specified materials are properties of AECOM, none of which I have ownership.

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