Generation Squeeze

Visuals for intergenerational fairness.

Social Media, Campaign Design, Digital Publication
Aug–Dec 2021
Designer @ Impact Public Affairs
Social media graphics, digital campaign promotional pieces
Generation Squeeze is a Canadian, non-partisan, non-profit organization that advocates on behalf of young adults. Backed by cutting-edge research done at the University of British Columbia, Generation Squeeze pushes for equality and wellbeing for Canadians of all generations on a variety of issues including housing prices, cost of living, climate change etc., through multiple online campaigns and a consistent social media presence. At Impact, my team and I worked with Generation Squeeze on visual design and public relations to develop a variety of social media graphics to amplify their voice on the online social space, specifically during the Federal Election throughout September & October.
Social Graphics
These graphics are done in both vector/graphic and raster/image styles for diversification but also need to align with the brand guidelines. Several of them are meme edits that are as equally fun to make as they are thought-provoking to read.
Election Materials
These materials were published during the Federal Election back in September and have reached 1.5 million users via social media platforms. Deliverables include 4 scorecards plus a voter's guide PDF.

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