Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Bilingual explainer videos for the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL).

Video Editing, Motion Graphics
Apr–June 2022
Graphic, Motion Designer & Video Editor @ AECOM
2 bilingual videos, 6–8 minutes each.
The Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) worked with AECOM to produce a set of bilingual explainer videos about their Near Surface Disposal Facility. Each video is a combination of real footage, 3D renderings and graphic assets composed and edited in Premiere Pro & After Effects.
3D renderings done by AECOM's 3D Visualization Specialist Tanner Johnson.
Watch the full English & French videos on CNL's official YouTube channel.
DISCLAIMER: all footage shown in the videos are properties of the CNL; all technical drawings, diagrams & other non-specified materials are properties of AECOM, none of which I have ownership.

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